It is a remarkable adjunct to writing a book. People who you don’t know come out of the woodwork, sometimes with notable circumstance.

Not long ago I was contacted by a chap named Arnold Larsen of Wilsonville, Oregon. He had read both of my memoirs books and wanted to convey his appreciation.

Then just a few days ago a lady, Aleyne Craig of Fountain Hills, Arizona wrote a very complimentary letter, again regarding MEMOIRS of a JERSEY FARM BOY.

I never met either of these individuals, but something told me that I knew their names, both of them. It didn’t take much discussion to figure it out.

Aleyne and Arnold are brother and sister. Further, not only did they once live here in NJ, Hunterdon County., Alexandria Township. Their folks used to own the farm contiguous to mine!

The coincidence doesn’t entirely end there. Aleyne and my older brother, Dan (RIP) were chums for years on the school bus.

Can ya make this stuff up? I suppose, but it’s not too likely.

Why, you ask, didn’t I know Arnold and Aleyne? After all, they were the next farm over. Well, it’s simple. They’re about 10 years my senior. When you’re kids, that’s a lifetime.

Wilsonville, Or.


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