Surely there is an explanation for this. It escapes me, but I’m right here in the room. So must be the explanation. Hell, it’s in my lap.

I know! It’s some sort of sophisticated algorithm . As far as I know, there’s not a listening device in my IPad, but that’s what I’m using to type these very words that you’re reading.

I’ve been talking with people here in the room, talking with them about what I’m writing about. How does it do that, though? I’m writing a sentence and my device fills in my next intended word.

Hey, good guess IPad. I love your artificial intelligence. Just don’t get to thinking that you’re some sort of know it all!

You see! This thing has me talking to myself. No, talking to you. No, talking to my IPad. Am I losing you ? No, am I losing it ? What is “it”? Oh no . I’ve lost it !


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