About Pete

Pete Tucker is a life-long resident of Pittstown, New Jersey. His farm is in the heart of a noted agricultural area of Hunterdon County.

Meaning no disrespect to anyone’s feat of higher learning, he holds a Doctorate degree from Hard Knocks University in Pittstown where his career entailed a quizzical mixture of occupations: farming, butchering, advertising/publishing and plain old hard work.

He retired at 49 years old after selling his co-owned Tucker Publishing Co. in Flemington, New Jersey. His retirement was fortuitously timed. It was only after then that he really started contending with his life’s nemesis, Multiple Sclerosis. Tucker gives immeasurable credit to his wife for her assistance in this regard.

Tucker and his wife, Judy, own most of the original family farm where they watch the horses graze and the hay being baled! Somebody has to do it!

Tucker attributes many of his life’s rewards and accomplishments to early life on the farm.