No, they never had this at Alexandria Township School, although I can picture a few classmates who would have loved it. Where, you ask, did I even get the idea ? Where else? A vintage farm tractors page on the internet featuring the Allis Chalmers ‘breed’.

I had a couple of them in my day, so stumbling upon this page compelled my interest for a bit. What a walk down memory lane ! On the very outside chance that I’ve corralled a reader who is remotely familiar, I had a model 185 and a much older WD 45 Allis Chalmers. Without boring you with further specifics, I’ll move on.

Try to picture this at your old grade school. What’s that you say ? At your old school kids didn’t have tractors. Well, they didn’t at mine either. They were Dad’s tractors. Mom’s too. The kids just spent long days in the field with them.

Back up, though. Surely you remember “show & tell” episodes at school, or maybe set-asides of a day to display something you’d found or wanted discuss. But how about DRIVE YOUR TRACTOR TO SCHOOL DAY ? This must have been an idea straight out of the Midwest. In Jersey, the whole notion smacks of lawsuits.

What if Johnny flips his Minneapolis Moline on Rt. 513? No, that wouldn’t be good.

What fun, though. You know how kids banter about cars. Chevys are better than Fords. No, Fords trump Chevys.

In other parts of the country, you’re more likely to hear a kid telling his buddy that his John Deere 4020 can outpull his International 1056.

Where am I going with this? Only to the parking lot at Alexandria Township School. Otherwise, I didn’t mean to get carried away! Have fun, Johnny.



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