Short Stories

Introduction to Farm Fiction from a Farmer’s Hand

Few folks, in my neck of the woods anyway, have any real appreciation for what it’s like to spend one’s entire childhood on a working farm. That is not to disparage those who haven’t.

It is simply to say that all the writing in the world may only attempt to describe the experience. Words are mere tinker toys at a distinct disadvantage from the outset, no matter who is fashioning them together.

An expression that we used in childhood probably puts it best, “ya kinda have to be there.” It is an existence so unique, so colorful, so intense that verbal description gets only so far.

These short stories are the imaginings of a guy who was there, a guy who shoveled the grain, baled the hay, milked the cows, slopped the hogs and collected the eggs. All before school and after, as well.

Funny how writing about it is so much easier! These stories, though FARM FICTION, have a basis in the real world, a world that once was mine.

Pete Tucker

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