As an old newspaper guy, I was reminded this morning of what a gnarled mess the pages of a newspaper become when navigating from page to page, jump to jump.

Sad but true, it’s the way we used to get our news. Some still do. Compared to the TV or computer screen, this paper play has issues . And my former product used to torture people this way? Sorry folks for your inky fingers.

This morning the most hideous version of newsprint malfunction beset me. Upon turning the page, the paper found every possible unintended crease that had to be straightened out before the next page was attempted. The most practiced contortionist stood no chance of returning the crumpled broadsheet to its original flow.

Some day, ages hence, one can only imagine how our technology will have been eclipsed. Newspaper. What’s that? “All the news that’s fit to print” is no longer printed. Words aren’t read. They are “impressed” on our minds to the extent of our “prescribing capacity “. Reading has become a “robotic consumption”.

The role of teacher’s unions take new shape. Determining acceptable “teaching impressions” is the new foray. Huge swathes of knowledge are inculcated on the mind in a millisecond and accompanied by capacity for critical thought regarding it. Our minds have evolved to near incalculable extent.

Of course, this new capability in learning is hugely controversial. The less progressive educators aren’t yet sold, gushing concern about the yet deficient “power teaching” methods. What took us so long to fully appreciate the benefits of ultra-violet rays in education?

Surely by now, dear reader, you have arrived at the conclusion that I’m just having a little fun here. Some day I’ll learn.


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