Sinister Party

Alexandria Township approached its loss of innocence the other night. The Town Fathers are yet to examine the Police reports, but they won’t be pretty. A party unfolded with strange markings.

Full disclosure: I was asleep. I only know what I’ve heard or read, but even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn. A Facebook entry implored would be partygoers to a “secret location” that apparently yielded an address in the Rapp Development.

Years ago the Rapp farm, with its magnificent views and vistas, was one of the first Alexandria farms to acquiesce to the developer’s backhoe. Like so many of us, Rapps were dairy farmers. I went to school with Rapp kids.

Meanwhile, the Facebook invitation to this party on Labor Day photographically featured an obviously naked woman sitting poolside with back to camera. The suggestion here was left fairly bare.

The Alexandria Twp. Park was utilized as a gathering point to shuttle partygoers to the Rapp location. That, in and of itself, tainted this party with a whole separate dimension. After all, in Alexandria who catches the A train to the neighborhood party? Who trashes the park while at it ?

Chances would seem ample that plenty of loose-lipped revelers are still out there praising the wonders of the party the other night, sufficient to blow the whistle on the party masterminds. They deserve a little reprimand.


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