No, not really . I suppose just a bit of a lull. Indeed it’s been a while since a blog post has appeared here, but who’s tracking, anyway?

Join the throngs of others who’ve voiced their dismay with my scant number of posts recently. They’ve reached such a critical mass that I must write something!

I’ve researched this a bit. It is some sort of treacherous condition that besets old retired newspaper guys, a little known pathology we call Deadline Delirium? They say it will go away eventually, but I’ve been retired for 18 years. That damned publication schedule still has a grip on me !

But, I’ll snap out of it soon. The thought occurred to me just yesterday as I watched the hay being loaded into the loft. These bales are my “copy” anymore. The threat of rain, my only deadline. What kind fortune that these metaphors of the farm have replaced the past vexations of ad production. Life is good.


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