We just returned from a quick trip to Alexandria… Bay, that is . We’ve always lived in Alexandria, but it was sweet to experience upstate New York’s version.

Alexandria Bay is fed by the St. Lawrence River, long a shipping channel for an array of commerce. We don’t get enough of our next-door neighbors in Alexandria, so we lodged with them in the Rochelle’s Alexandria Bay cabin. Old Home Week away from home !

Canada is quite visible on the other side of this splendid waterway.

Our trip was not timed for the ritualistic Autumn leaf-looking, but it couldn’t have been planned better if it was. The scenery was spectacular ! How could I not make note of it ?

Every year there seems a grander measure of nature’s generosity . Every year she valiantly attempts to out-do herself and, in my estimation, every year she does ! How could that even be ?!

I resign myself to a simple explanation. Yes, Autumn is gorgeous every year, but one thing has changed each year. Me. I’m older. I like to believe that I do a progressively better job of appreciating what is given.

This is not a dress rehearsal. I heed Nature’s reminder that I am experiencing the real deal ! Time marches on . It would be selfish to expect that it gets any better than this.


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