Cousin Beau surrounded by me and my brother Dave.

Way back when, Johnny Cash sang a tune, “I’ve Been Everywhere”. In his classic ‘ half conversation, half singing’ style, he lapses into a rhythmic litany of towns throughout America that he once graced with his presence.

We’ve been graced with such a traveling man for a couple of days now. My cousin, Beau Bailey, HAS been everywhere! He’s a walking, talking encyclopedia of destinations throughout the U.S.A., which makes him a pure delight to hang around. These aren’t necessarily tourist destinations. After all, he is here at Tuckaway.

Beau is of the camping culture. Don’t bother to offer him a bed. After the evening’s visit and we’re heading for our TempurPedic, Beau heads outside to his vehicle and his styrofoam. When he describes himself as “self-contained,” he means it!

He has visited most of our national parks, many multiple times, and been to a total of 330 attractions and destinations managed by the National Park Service. Not surprisingly then, he is conversant with an abundance of things Americana. Get him on a roll and you’d swear he was a professor of……. well, you name it.

Since I commenced writing this entry, Beau has had breakfast with us, bade us goodbye and headed down the road. To reciprocate, we’d have to knock on his door in Snohomish, Washington someday but that’s not likely to happen soon. Our traveling shoes aren’t as broken-in as Cousin Beau’s are.


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