9/25/2020- Where did that word come from, anyway ? While you’re contemplating that, I’ll write about where we will skedaddle to tomorrow. It’s about a five hour haul, so good luck to my dear wife, Judy. She does all the driving these days.

We’ll join our neighbors, Phil and Susan Rochelle, to do some fishing near Alexandria Bay on the St. Lawrence river. I’m not sure what we’ll be catching, but be sure of this : It won’t be the one that got away !

You will note, interestingly, how we just can’t get away from Alexandria. If it ain’t broke, why fix it ?

Over on the other side of the river is Ontario, Canada. Ya see, it is a haul. If we should perish during this mission, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of its intent !

It’ll be like old home week, in the meantime. We’ll blast past Saratoga (have certainly hung my hat there a few times). We’ll cross the Tug Hill Plateau (the snowmobiling capital of the universe .) I’ve hung my helmet there now and again.

Then we’ll make our way to the Rochelle’s hut in the woods. There we will live deliberately and eat fish to delirium . Mercy, this is shaping up before we even get there .

Oh, just for the record, the word SKEDADDLE was invented by some newspaper guy in Richmond, Virginia in 1865. The word, he thought, well described the hurried Confederate retreat from what had been their Capitol.


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