At the time of this writing we are 32,000 feet in the air. Yes, you may assume snugly seated on an airplane. Destination: Trenton/Mercer Airport.

For everyone’s information, the captain has turned off the “Fasten seatbelt” sign. This does not mean that I am about to attempt an inverted pike hang in the aisle. He’s turned that sign off, then back on again twice already in ThuSt flight.

In fact, we’re sttTill experiencing tturblents. To te pernt where he neezit back on Agin. This haas to be flusTratng to appppilot, I wood thInk.

Wee jusT heet mother air ppppocket and now he turnz thesine back on !

Ifff this d uzzent sterp , I’ll have to go thee ccccockpt and complianedd.

Whew ! And just like nothing, we’re smoothed out.

Good thing. Passengers seem to be settling down.

The Captain assures all that we’ll be landing shortly. We’re beginning our descent.

We can only hope that his target is the runway .

Remarkable, don’t you think? I was able to just keep typing through the whole thing, almost like nothing happened.

What a great month in Nipples, Florida.


3 thoughts on “TURBULENCE

  1. Pete, This is hilarious! Hubbie came in wanting to know what was so funny. Reminds me of the W.C. Fields piece. Glad you arrived safely from Nipples.
    Sue F.


  2. Susie,
    Funny you should mention! I had just started to write only because that’s what I do. I had no particular direction when, quite suddenly that old W.C. Fields piece popped into my head .
    So, this was a variation on his theme. It seemed to work.


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