The question has perplexed Mankind for the history of time .

What exactly happens when a Woodchuck chuck chucks wood ?

Does anyone REALLY know ? OR is it simply one of mans’ conjured vagaries that has vexed him for centuries on end ?

Who will ever know ?

If you’ve read my MEMOIRS book, you will know that I don’t have a laudable history with groundhogs . That’s an un-proud fact that I’ll just have to live with. No, I fear that I’ll take that one to my grave which, as fate may well have it, could be riddled by groundhogs.

But enough with moribund thoughts.

Do understand that it is in the interest of horses that my record is blemished in the groundhog community.

Or, was that in my second book ? My wizened mind struggles to recall.

Here’s another plaguing question: How did the groundhog become the Woodchuck ?

Are they not contradicting terms ? Does a groundhog really chuck wood ? Was there at one time a groundhog conspiracy in Punxsutawney?

One of our neighbors throws a Groundhog Day shindig annually. It is very well-attended by some of the most inspired intellectuals for miles around. The bash was last night. One might think, with all of this brain power in one room, that progress would be made on these weighty questions.

But NO. Those answers are still underground.


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