Until next Winter, that is.

The old order changes. In the blink of an eye, tomorrow will be departure time. The sweetness of Naples weather, the soothing whisper of the waves will all give way to the vicissitudes of another Jersey winter.

Yes, it is cold. Yes, there will be snow. There will be rain, maybe freezing. The long lane will need ploughing, pothole filling and other exercises that lend to our ruddiness. But, as my old buddy R.W. Emerson once said, “There is always some great leveling circumstance “.

Winter roars. Winter resigns. A sweet Spring is ready in wait and Nature’s order holds sway.

The writer’s perch will lend its view. The peepers will sing their song.

The writer, with luck, will lapse into verse, intent to capture another season in green.We’ll see what lands on the page!


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