A while ago, needing entertainment, I endeavored to write down some ‘one-liners’ from country songs that were whimsical or clever in some way.

My thinking was that some day down the road, a conversation would ensue wherein such a collection would be handy. After all, dear reader, how many times do you hear a lyric in a tune, especially country, that is so witty that you felt compelled to remember it ? You could use that one some day !

In fact, the other night, a conversation progressed that reminded me of the list I had once compiled.

I grabbed my IPad and voila, to the delight of those assembled, a compendium of quotes was randomly voiced.

Full Disclosure: Country music is occasionally crass, maudlin, even off-color. So, if your ears are virgin, you should maybe be veerin’ !

Herewith: A few of the lines I noted:

— Ain’t got time for kissin’ you, My mule done run away.

— She got the gold mine, And I got the shaft.

— She got the ring, And I got the finger.

— When the phone don’t ring, You’ll know it’s me.

— How can I get over you, When you’re still under him ?

— Well I bought the Hope Diamond, Just hopin’ you’d shut your mouth.

— I woke up Sunday morning, With no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt.

— When it rains down sorrow, It pours all over me.

Surely YOU know some good ones ! Kindly share one or two with me if you don’t mind being credited on this world-renowned blog.

Thank you in advance.


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