A bit of reaction was stirred with yesterday’s blog about country song lyrics.

Bob Berger in Livermore, California first reminded me that there are two types of music: There is Country and then there is Western.

In his enthusiasm, Bob forwarded a few videos of bygone concerts featuring Roger Miller, Johnny Cash, Porter Wagoner. Thank you, Bob, for your unbridled ardency. Johnny Cash will always be the man !

Bob even threw in some lyrics of his own choosing, advising me to be cautious of their sensitive nature :

Get your biscuits in the oven and your buns in bed.

This Women’s Liberation has gone straight to your head.

Then there was this:

Now the air is dirty And sex is clean

But your coffee makes my hair turn green !


Having had to return home for a wedding (no, not mine) we’ll be back off to Naples in a few days. Hallelujah! It’s plain old cold up here !


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