We shortened our annual stay in Naples, Florida for about the only reason we would ever do such a thing. Bidding thee Adieu Naples, until next year. What a STUPENDOUS stay it was,

Sam Dalley is now 24 years old. He first set foot on our farm when he was a junior at Delaware Valley Regional High School.

Judy became acquainted with his mom , Debi, via one local function or another. Debi happened to mention in passing conversation that she was wondering if anyone might need help splitting wood, that her son, Sam, loved to do that.

Becoming, at the time, more and more incapacitated , this was music to my ears. In short order Sam was here at Tuckaway, running the log splitter. Wow, could Sam split wood !

To make a long story short, Sam soon became my right arm here on the farm. No, that way understates it. Sam has become to both of us. He is the reason that we are able to stay here on the farm. He accomplishes just about everything that we need to get done here at Tuckaway. He is family with a little different blood.

In a beautiful ceremony, Sam got married yesterday. His fiancée, Alexis Grieco, is a local lady of unquestionable capability and eminent good looks, her folks long since our friends right here in the township.

You may start to see why this wedding was is a “must attend” and indeed, the only reason we’d ever depart Naples early.

Thank you and best of luck, Sam & Lexi. Enjoy every day in wedded bliss.


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