On a recent airplane flight, Judy sat across from me on the other side of the aisle. I could reach across to touch her, but she wasn’t close enough for me to understand the conversation that she was having with the fellow seated to her immediate right.

Obviously, they were engaged in vigorous chatter.

The plane landed. Passengers were beginning to stand. With my limited capacity, I guess it was obvious that I was struggling to get afoot. We were packed in like sardines, you know. A cane is hardly sufficient. A good angle wasn’t to be had.

But, Lo and Behold. The chap seated next to Jude came across the aisle, placed his hands under my shoulders and lifted me out of that seat as though I was a feather. We both thanked him , bade him adieu and departed the plane.

While pushing my chair to the airport exit, Jude informed me that this fellow was a farmer. He grows 400 acres of spinach in south Jersey.

WOW, I mused. What a missed opportunity to make some sort of wise crack about him being the real Popeye !


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