As I watch the sun stir a near magical glisten over the surface of the Gulf this morning, I chat with a buddy back up in Jersey who reports a brisk snow. I love snowbound magic too, but this morning I’ll take tide of the moment, especially when it’s 18 degrees in Pittstown!


Wouldn’t ya know it. Another New Jersey blizzard.

It’s 1:30 PM. My buddy in N.J. tells me that it has stopped snowing altogether, just a dusting fell. This is typical in Jersey. It starts with a forecast three days beforehand of 6 to 8 inches. They let the huddled masses cogitate on that for a while, certainly sufficient time for everybody to work themselves into a lather.

Then they downgrade the forecast a little bit. Now they’re saying 3 to 5 inches, but it is still a menacing forecast. Commercial flights are starting to get canceled. Everyone has been talking about this “weather event” for a day or two now, so in people’s minds it has been conjured to a blizzard before there is even a cloud in the sky !

There is a run on the supermarkets over a wide swath. What would people do if they were winnowed down to their last Triscuit ? The scourge of winter is upon them. Survival hangs in the balance.

Ages hence the tale will still be told: The Plundering Blizzard of 2020.


One thought on “THE BLIZZARD OF 2020

  1. This Blog made me laugh. And I agree.
    Right now I sit in beautiful 75 degree weather with a light breeze and wonder what it’s like at my old house in NJ… not as nice as here. And I didn’t have to run out and buy more milk, bread…. I know I can get to the market tomorrow. Currently in a beautiful setting in Lakeland Florida. Fridge is stocked and ice clinks in my glass.
    Keeping writing Pete. Love ya.


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