It’s a mixed blessing, these devices that we’re constantly glued to. We watch them, listen to them, scream at them and create with them. Our culture has become infused with them.

I would posit this: Are they, at the same time, dumbing us down a bit ? For example, I sit here on the writer’s perch pecking away on my IPad, assuming that it will correctly spell each word that I started to type.

Most of the time it does, but the publisher in me disallows any such assumption. That caution seems a good thing. It is no longer extraordinary to find a typo ensconced in the radically fewer lines of TIME magazine.

I guess spell-check doesn’t always check ! No, that’s no fair. It’s more a matter of technology not yet having caught up with the vicissitudes of the human mind.

Huh! Fat chance of that happening, but never say never !


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