I had the unbridled (no pun intended) pleasure of passing the day today while 77 horses and riders intermittently rode past the writer’s perch. The bridle path for this year’s Alexandria Trail Pace happened to pass right through the farm. Talk about a front row seat !

I give my dear wife, Judy, unbridled kudos for gluing the whole affair together. Finally she can relax a little. It was a successful trail pace, the result of a swath of helping hands from our AEA (Alexandria Equestrian Association.) Great work, all.

I was joined by three others on the perch today. We had frequent conversations with the riders as they passed through. They gushed over the trail, a full 8 1/2 miles without the crossing of one public road.

Not to mention, today’s was at least the third Trail Pace of recent years hosted in Alexandria Township, none of which utilized the same path. That fact certainly speaks well of the surrounding country.

It is notable at the same time that this event is quite the social mixer. There were riders from Bergen County, from Bucks County and other mildly distant locations, all mixing it up with us local folks. It is gratifying to be able to share for a day the countryside that is dear to us.

Special thanks go to those AEA folks who set up the jumps in the course of the trail. No Trail Pace would be complete without at least a bit of challenge ! Those jumps don’t just magically appear… or disappear after the event.

Here’s a good parental story , born of the goings-on today. A close neighbor of ours arranged a free lease of a gorgeous draft horse, Shire is the breed. This Mom’s daughter was spending an excessive amount of time in her room with video games, but then was altogether taken by this new horse.

Daughter now spends most of her off-hours with this horse. In fact, the good-looking pair was one of the 77 who rode by today.

We on the perch were quite taken today by the outstanding display of horseflesh that passed us by. WOW . What a show !


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