Much as it tried, the new day dawning did not imbue me with glad tidings.

It wasn’t as though the weather was anything short of lovely, though daylight had barely had a chance to display its nuance. There was a new crispness in the late September air that harkened me to another time.

My childhood summer had been the delight that it was supposed to be. Yet the season waned. The days became shorter. School had started again. That sweet Summer bubble had met the grindstone.

Early morning feeding of the heifers was now clumsily accomplished in the darkness. The warmth of summertime had given way to an unwelcome, chilly edge.

How did this portent of winter arrive with insufficient warning ? It was too abrupt ! But then, wasn’t it always ?

A kid , nay, adult dreamily clings to yesterdays that were kinder.


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