It’s no secret that what will happen tomorrow is a secret!

Yes, your level of clairvoyance might be remarkable, but there is always some leveling circumstance that will mar its varnish!

The fact is we never know what will happen tomorrow until tomorrow happens. It’s simple. Predict as you might try, you’re guaranteed to miss a detail or two before sunset.

That’s not a bad thing. That’s the way it is; the wonder of the world. Just let it happen! I did so yesterday and look what took place.

Seated on the balcony, the writer’s perch, if you will, I was, as usual, immersed in the loveliness of the day. That entails the writing of a line of two, then a panoramic absorbing of the view in front of me. Then repeat. (A grueling exercise, as you might imagine.)

At one of my repetitions, my eyes returning to the view, I spied a white pick-up truck slowly making its way down the lane. From the distance, the driver seemed to have his eyes fixed on me. I did not recognize the truck as one belonging to a neighbor.

I waved. He waved, rolling down his window.

“I’m looking for 52 Airport Road”, the stranger yelled to me.

I yelled back, inquiring if he had a name, explaining that I don’t recognize anyone on the lane by a number. We easily concluded that he was looking for the one house on the lane that is on the market. I told him where it was.

As he started to pull away, he volleyed one more item.

“Are you a Tucker ?”, he yelled.

I confirmed, holding my head at an inquisitive posture. Who the heck was this guy ?

“I’m Chris Wettstein”, he voiced to me.

Holy Smokes, I thought to myself, a character straight out of my childhood. Haven’t seen him since he was, maybe, eight years old. We used to play together right here on the farm.

What was I just saying about the unpredictability of the next day? Sure, I had just been thinking this morning that I’ll bet Chris Wettstein would make an appearance today. After all, it had only been 55 years since I’d seen him.

He’s due. It’s about time.

“We’ll get your ass up here and pay me a visit “, I hollered down to him.

Chris was tight on time, but at least we got a half hour chat in. It was superb!

Lesson surely learned: we start each day with a clean slate.


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