Anything can happen here in the woods!

Jude was between the trees yesterday doing some light trail clearing. The Alexandria Trail Pace will grace the farm in a few days.

While at the duty, Jude inadvertently riled a Yellow Jacket or two. Inadvertently ? Does one ever do that intentionally ?!

To her good fortune, she had not encountered a full hive of bees. She was stung on her hand once.

Oddly, another bee managed to creep underneath her pants. She could feel it in there frantically buzzing. Obviously, if it wasn’t released immediately, she would be stung again.

Jude did what she had to do, there in the middle of the woods. She dropped her pants as quickly as she could. In so doing, and as if by miracle, the bee flew off !

If she were to have been stung a second time, it surely would have been cruel to poke fun at this situation, but indeed, Jude was spared a second stinger. That was certainly the prelude to a jocular comment or two !

I mean, c’mon ! It was there on a silver platter. It’s not every day that Jude carries on like that betwixt the Beech trees ! The woods will hardly be the same.


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