As if you could kill time

Without injuring eternity.

-Henry David Thoreau

Well, if that’s the case, then I’ve put a hurtin’ on eternity lately ! I never thought I’d see the day when I wile away untold hours playing a game on my ‘device’ like some mesmerized eleven year old.

No, such is not really the case. I’m sure I’d lose patience with “Unknown Battlegrounds” in a hurry! I am a little consumed, however, with a game called Words With Friends, quite similar in nature to a game we played as kids. Surely you remember Scrabble .

It is a new generation, however. I play a lot of “Words” with my dear daughter in law. She’s in Laguna Niguel, California. Who knew ?!

Then, of course, if one lingers on the “Words” platform for any length of time, there are challengers.

They might come from someone you know, or your challenger might be Pam Laurett in Taos, New Mexico.

No. I wouldn’t know Pam if I found her in my soup, but she plays one lethal game of Words.

The game provides a means to communicate with your playing partner, but, of course, that invokes the matter of my technical ineptitude. Ability to communicate with the challenger might be counterproductive, anyway.

My undivided concentration is necessary!


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