My friend Albert posits a provocative question on Facebook this morning.

How do YOU define success ? Is it a matter of accumulated wealth, enough money to live comfortably ? What is comfortable living ? Does it really require plenty of money for you to live comfortably ?

Does success have anything to do with money ? Is success, rather, a matter of happiness ? Why, when our founding documents were written, did Jefferson not mention the pursuit of success ?

Was he of the thinking that success and happiness are one in the same ? OR, does happiness necessarily come first ? Is it a prerequisite of success ?

My vote is the later !

Judy sauntered by and asked what I was writing about. Upon my explanation she launched what I thought to be such an unwarranted comment:

“Oh, you’re such a Capitalist Pig”, she said.

That, of course, evoked another question. How does a Capitalist Pig define success ? Was he/she happy from the start ?


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