“I loved your book! When are you writing another one ?”

Thank you to the many folks who have said that since I first published MEMOIRS OF A JERSEY FARM BOY.

Armed with your cue, indeed I did publish another one, MORE MEMORIES from DOWN the LANE.

But, enough already ! Publishing a book is a mountain of work. Who needs it ?

This blog is my suggested compromise. I get to write, which I love to do. You get to read which presumably you enjoy. I don’t have to schlep any books. Everybody’s happy.

If you’re not, I’m not sure what I can do.

Do note that my initial blog entries are few and far between. They didn’t get regular until + or – August 2019. I’ll be attempting to pick up the pace a little now that I have this blog thing glued together.

If something is still not satisfactory, I’m sure you’ll let me know !


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