1969 was a momentous year in America. The Vietnam War persisted. The Mother of all Rock concerts punctuated Woodstock, New York. Indeed, the country was still finding her way. Times were tumultuous !

In ’69, I was a fairly serious sophomore at Delaware Valley Regional High School. Last night Judy and I attended the 50th reunion of the Del-Val class of 1969.

Wait a minute. What was I doing there ? I was in the class of ’71.

I’m tempted to suggest that my accelerated graduation was the result of exceptional academic work, but that was hardly the case ! Actually, I was requested by organizers to write a poem in deference to the Class of 69. Somehow word got out that I could write. I was there to read the poem.

Enough about that. It is the remarkable characteristics of such a reunion that make the occasion worthwhile, especially the fifty year milestone. They are the closest “real life” example of a time machine that exists.

At what other gathering is one peppered with faces not seen for the last 50 years ? “Surreal” barely describes it ! The machine prompts its guest to instantly piece together hundreds of ethereal details nearly lost to time, but that’s part of the fun.

Sally no longer remembers Ron just by face and Ron isn’t offended. Neither is Sally when Ron falls short in like manner. They’re all in the same boat. Each has been to enough of these gigs in the past to do anything but laugh at themselves.

With such equal footing, everyone can just relax. It was a great time.


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