If you are a musician, you’re well aware that the town has long since been dubbed , “Music City”. No wonder. Nashville is home to the Ryman Auditorium , the Grand Ole Opry, a plethora of recording studios and ,Lord knows , thousands of musicians.

Then again, if you’re a hockey fan, you might well call the town SMASHVILLE. No wonder. Nashville is home to the National Hockey League’s Nashville Predators, competing in the central division.

Being a touristy town, there are all sorts of retro-fitted busses or wagons that haul half-drunken revelers up and down the streets, such that their party may progress even while it’s moving. One such rig even has its own swimming pool.

Of course, you already know where this is going. A sign labels this mobile party unit : SPLASHVILLE.

Oh well. How many variations on this theme ? If there was a fire in town, the headline seems likely to read: ASHVILLE.

Corny stuff aside, Nashville has much to crow about. This city is growing exponentially. There are construction cranes everywhere , lurking like giant dragons above their sites and ready to shape another architectural achievement. The city is abounding with them, slowly evolving into one attractive place to live.


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