Actually the title on his business card simply reads: TRAPPER

Herb the Trapper paid a visit yesterday. He’s from Shunk, Pennsylvania , in Sullivan County. Herb answers to the howl of the coyote and, yes, we have too many of them.

Now before you bleeding hearts start tuning up on me, do consider this: Coyotes prey heavily on the very vulnerable, the newborn. Fawns, wild turkeys; anything out there in wildlife with limited capacity to self-defend.

In fairly short order their activity marks a noticeable slump in the population of other creatures, yes, deer and turkey included. Coyotes are invasive, even dangerous to young toddlers out playing in the back yard. Maybe that will change your predisposition to the wily, wild dogs ?

On a separate, but related item: Who lives in a town named Shunk ? According to Herb the Trapper, not many. Nonetheless, they all have to realize that their town rhymes with Skunk.

Upon naming the town, I suspect that someone was drunk ? Or is this just bunk ? I mean, whudda thunk, a town named Shunk. Lest my writing be shrunk to junk, allow me out of this before I am sunk ! OK, enough fun with Herb the Trapper’s whereabouts. Let me out this funk!

I am quite taken with the simplicity of Herb’s endeavor, primarily the routine check of his trap line ? Otherwise, Herb’s life is not frittered away by detail. A trapper’s life is simple and without pretense.

I’ll keep you posted as to the progress of his pursuit.

At least some of these coyotes gotta go.


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