My friend from Down Under, Greg Smith, relays to me some glum news this A.M.

I quote from his message: “The east Coast of Australia is getting its arse whipped by brush fires the likes of which we have never seen. Not to start a new decade we ever imagined, but it is now an awful fact.”

With indomitable Aussie spirit, Greg writes further, “Australia will recover and sparkle again – this time a little bit tougher.”

Though an ocean divides us, Brother Greg, we here in the states have no doubt that Australia will sparkle again. Do know that our prayers are with you.

I am reminded of a brush fire right here on our very farm in the recent past. It got ugly quicker than we knew ! I’m sure it paled in comparison to the conflagration down there, but that hardly seems to matter when one is surrounded by flame.

Keep up the good fight !


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