She’s the only one I got .

Not much of a girlfriend

I never seem to……..

Surely you remember those lyrics from back in 1979.

A wildly popular addition to rock n’ roll music was in the songs of the Grammy Award winning album BREAKFAST IN AMERICA from the English band SUPERTRAMP. (Perish the thought, that was 41 years ago !)

The album cover was alone unmistakable. Behind a brilliant mosaic of the Manhattan skyline crafted of egg cartons , ketchup bottles, cornflake boxes and the like, the iconic Kate Murtagh in waitress uniform struck a pose of the Statue of Liberty, her lifted lamp rather a plate with a glass of orange juice . It was beyond artful.

Harken back to some of the song titles that I am guessing, are veiled somewhere in the gossamered catacombs of your mind. You remember… Good Bye Stranger, The Logical Song and others.

On the flip side, Take the Long Way Home, Lord is it Mine, Casual Conversations and others.

Bottom line : Great writers made great songs. You’ve heard someone say that if they had a nickel for every time they listened to something, they’d be wealthy. That applies to me and BREAKFAST IN AMERICA, for sure.

Now, where was I going with this ? Oh, yeah. My son Jason called today suggesting that I write about the day’s of old when he and his sisters were a tad recalcitrant about getting their butts out of bed.

For that, Jude and I just injected the music. With BREAKFAST IN AMERICA at untold decibel level, the kids just had no choice but to heave out and trice up. Indeed it was time for breakfast in America, or at least Tuckaway.



  1. Pure gold Pops. I only have that album in my Spotify playlist because of all of those mornings!

    Thank you again for the early morning album selections in the 1980s!


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