To Judy,

How can we not be warmed by memories of Christmases past ? Recall 39 years ago. (Sorry, was hoping for a round number.)

T’was the year that Santa was determined to place a microwave oven under the tree, but no one had alerted him that such devices were in their infancy. They were a little “overbuilt” in 1980.

How was Santa to maneuver a 900 pound device down the chimney ?

Answer: With difficulty .

The weather outside was frightful. Cold, with heavy snow, Santa endeavored to convey the behemoth into the house. Still boxed, there awaited a tarp on the ground. With box on tarp, Santa rendered a mighty pull to slide his freight to the door.

(Somehow, Mrs. Judy Claus thought the reindeer did all the work.)

Remember later when Vanessa scribed a little note, “I had a very good Christmas in the year 1980.”

In further years, maintaining Santa’s clandestine approach was trickier. To thwart the kids’ premature attempts to enter the Christmas room, we tied the doors shut ! Ah, Christmas intrigue.

Surely I could recall more, but the most fun part has been the giving, the kids’ excitement, the thrill of the season.

Better than all, I did it with the love of my life. I did it with you. Nearly 40 years of memories are ours to keep. Imagine! We are so blessed.

Merry Christmas, my love .

Pete. 2019


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