Indeed, it’s on the map

If you’re so lucky as to see

This tiniest of settlements

In middle Tennessee.

Folks try to go there.

Attempts often render ruffle.

They are never really sure, you see

That they’re really in Bugscuffle.

But, it is on the map.

Yes, you do have to squint.

Does it really read Bugscuffle?

Or is it just a piece of lint ?

How do I know about this place ?

I’m from New Jersey, you see.

I had a little farm here once

In middle Tennessee.

Where was that, you ask ?

You’re allowed a polite chuckle !

Near a tiny little whistle stop,

By the name of Bell Buckle.

This, of course, begs the question

When dining at the cafe

How to get to Bugscuffle?

Who here knows the way ?

It remains a burning question,

If you’re nestled here in town.

Find the road to Bugscuffle,

If you can with out a frown.

Some say they’ve been there,

But never seem that sure.

They can only tell you this much:

The place is well beyond obscure.

And just what happened in Bugscuffle,

That it is called such a name ?

An entomological ruffle

Of legendary fame ?

Pete Tucker

– Pittstown, NJ


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