My Grandfather, Father and Brother were all sailors at one stage or another in their lives. For yesterday’s Army/Navy game then, you will understand why I nurtured a Navy bent.

My wife’s family has similar predispositions to the Army side, so my reader will understand the annual ribbing that takes place in our household.

The 31 to 7 shellacking that the midshipmen put on Army was sweet viewing for me, especially after the game had gone the other way for the prior three years.

Yesterday’s game, however, beset me with thoughts never before arisen by the classic rivalry. I could actually recall the game in 1960 when Navy’s Joe Bellino ran roughshod over Army.

GEEZ ! That was sixty years ago. How do I remember it ? I wouldn’t expect you to have a clue here.

I was naught but a chap-lipped youngster, caring for livestock out in the fields. You know, heifers, chickens, pigs and the like. The bovines, at least, we’re all given names so Dad, brothers and I always knew which critter was being talked about.

On that day in 1960, we endeavored to name a young bull calf there on the farm. Given what had just happened in the world of sports, why not name the bull Bellino ? We did. We just pronounced it Bullino , not Bellino.

Same difference !


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