I react a bit cynically whenever I see a magazine article entitled as such. The best places according to who ? Some cub writer who doesn’t yet know his back side from page eight ?

Understandably the publication needs to fill space, but isn’t that a hugely subjective question when everyone and their uncle has different parameters?

I haven’t moved since I was two years old, but be assured that if the time ever comes, I won’t be referring to Good Housekeeping for ideas about where to go.

You wouldn’t buy a horse without riding it first and I won’t move without living there first.

When will the next article pose a slightly different question? How long have you lived in your “best place”? Has your living there helped to make it a better place to live? Nay, the magazine is trying to sell copies !


5 thoughts on “THE 10 BEST PLACES TO LIVE in AMERICA.

  1. This is so true for me. Before I moved to NYC in 1975, I visited every Tuesday for 3 months and at the end of each day, I couldn’t wait to have my own little apt to nest in. Contrary, I was all set to move to Paris in 2004 and traded my apt in NY for an apt in Paris for 4 mos. to try it out…..alas, it was fun but alienating people wise. Now I dream of Amsterdam for a trial period.


      • Oh, I have been there dozens of times. Everything about it feels good. Culturally spot on for me. I studied 17th c still life oil painting for 5 years and have a deep connection to this time period. Funny how that goes. Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. This post made me laugh! As someone who has moved ALOT (7 states, at least 10 different residences in 25 years), you have to see the adventure in it! There have been many “best places” to live and Jason and I have found something we loved about each place. Granted, there is definitely something to be said about settling down, having your roots somewhere, being known, and recognizing a familiar face at the grocery. We’ll keep ya posted as our adventure continues!


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