Some say there’s no such thing as luck; that people bring their own circumstance upon themselves, good or bad.

To an extent that is true, but do we really think that events aren’t left to chance ? To Deity ?

Sorry ! You are reading the words of one LUCKY guy.

No, I didn’t ask to be diagnosed with MS, but allow me to offer my view from the wheelchair. Soon you will see just how lucky I am.

To be clear, this hasn’t been a picnic. I’ve been through episodes that I would wish on no one, but there is always some leveling circumstance. Consider that I was diagnosed some 35 years ago. Who hangs in there that long with any number of diseases ? I’m still luckily in the fight.

There are essentially two iterations of MS. One is called progressive. Nasty stuff, be assured.

The other, relapsing/remitting, is my chapter, if you will. Perhaps it should be called MS Lite. Assuredly there are those who would disagree, but it all seems to be relative.

Monthly visits to the Neurologist bear that out. Each time in the infusion room I see several patients. It is not difficult to determine those with progressive MS. Infusions are my monthly reminder of how lucky I am and how unlucky the plight of others.

Incidentally, I’m not glued to this wheelchair. I can still walk, just not terribly far. My cane is reminiscent of Amos McCoy. Who among ye remembers him ?

A few years ago I had to relinquish my driver’s license. Lucky for you, I’m no longer driving the road. Lucky for me, my lovely wife, Judy, drives me wherever I need to go. In fact, she makes my every day neatly bearable.

You see. Didn’t I tell you ? I’m just plain lucky!



  1. Lucky indeed Peter Tucker. Born, raised and functioned all these years, MS or not, as a Jersey Farm Boy.
    What better than to have lived among the rolling fields of grass, the smell of wild flowers, the taste of fresh milk, all the while listening to the sounds of nature at its finest?
    And the woman of your dreams. Oh Peter….How fortunate were you, to find the love of your life at just the right time. To experience her through thick and thin, to have loved and been loved all these years by such a bright flame. Fortunate indeed!
    And today…. Today you still light our way with your words of wisdom, your loving good nature and open heart.
    You are truly loved by all that have had the good fortune to have stepped into your parlor, your heart of hearts.
    We all love you Peter Tucker!
    And MS…Take a back seat to a Man !! ♥️

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  2. Pete-Steve here… you are an inspiration buddy- proud to have you as my friend. We have been in the Clinton Triangle together and can now handle The Riders OnTheStorm


  3. Pete,
    You are an inspiration!! You have always set a great example for us, and you continue to do so expressing gratitude for all life’s blessings. A great reminder for us all:)
    Love you!!


  4. Uncle Pete,

    I love this one… you have such a wonderful perspective and it’s something we can all learn from. You are in an unique situation to be able to write about such things. We love you! See you soon… and Happy Thanksgiving!!



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