Slice it however you wish. Dairy farming is dirty work. At least it was in the old days, and I know that cows still get dirty. Their nature hasn’t changed that much since Dad packed in the milking days.

Taking showers and dressing before school wasn’t just a matter of a quick primp ! This milker boy stunk. He needed a serious washing!

With two adults, four kids and one bathroom in the house , time was of the essence in the shower. Dad was the constant proponent of the “Navy shower. ” They had to be quick.

With that said, it wasn’t beyond us to have a little fun with our dirty predicament. In fact, my sister, Sue, often admonished me to wash behind my ears . She claimed that she could dig for potatoes back there.

I was always hard put to believe that there was such an accumulation, not behind my ears, anyway. I’d grown enough potatoes to know better!


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