Surely you remember the name Art Linkletter. Yes ? No? Maybe?

How best to describe him ? A TV variety show host of a while back. I’m a bit tentative only because I am gradually recognizing my propensity to sound old. I mean, c’mon. How many people have you run into today who were talking about Art Linkletter ?

Born in Canada, he became a naturalized citizen in 1942.

Linkletter, on his more recent show on NBC, featured a section entitled Kids Say The Darndest Things. It was a pretty hysterical series of televised interviews that Linkletter did with little kids as he asked them leading questions, questions that nearly promised the dry, matter-of-fact replies that little ones are prone to deliver.

I wish I had some examples, but as you might imagine, I haven’t watched Art Linkletter in a dog’s age.

I can only share with you something that my granddaughter said earlier today that reminded me of this whole thing in the first place.

Maria is a good bit older than the kids normally interviewed by Linkletter, but she retains the capacity to say the darndest things.

She was speaking with Grandma about her athletic pursuits when she observed, “I like everything about Cross Country except the running.”


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