Out here in the quiet country there seems an abundant supply of topics about which to write. At times they are assuredly “country “, not anything they’d be chatting about in the Hood.

But wait a minute. Maybe that’s not so. Today our hired farmhand, Sam, came out of the pasture requesting a rifle. Now that’s something you might hear in the Hood, right ?

The same request in the Hood, however, would be couched in a different reason. Sam had seen a suspiciously lethargic coyote, not a common topic in the urban ghetto.

Wait a minute, again! Coyotes, a term for drug runners, might be all the talk in the Hood. This is getting circuitous. I hope there’s a way out .

Why, you might ask, did Sam need a rifle ? You might further ask why the coyote was lethargic ?

The coyote in the Hood might well be a user, himself. That might explain his lethargy. The coyote in the pasture might well be rabid, which would explain his lethargy. Then again, rabid might be an apt description of the coyote in the Hood.

Maybe there is no way out here.

For all concerned snowflakes out there, any rabid animal on the farm has to be eliminated, thus the need for a rifle. In this case, Sam missed !

Tomorrow is another day. The danger lingers.