That I should be so dignified!… at least at this very spot in the world, at this very moment. I sit unaccompanied. A change is noticeable that was not here at yesterday’s dusk. It is Nature’s announcement of a new season and she has permitted me the only one to witness from this perspective.

Two Poplar trees are punctuated with yellow this morning. The yet green leaves that surround them provide notable contrast in the lush woods. Indeed, we shall all soon luxuriate in Nature’s annual choreography. We will again be graced by Her Godly hand.

Is it whimsical to wonder what we have done to deserve this ? Or do we even ?


Could it be true ? I guess it is ! My birthday yesterday was accompanied by 91 well-wishers on Facebook. Wow ! Not to diminish it, but at least that many pushed a button on my behalf ! Wait a minute. Maybe that does diminish it !


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