How can this FACEBOOK monstrosity not remind us of days gone by? You know, when life was easier. Sending a message to someone was a simple matter of finding a pen that works and getting to a desk where you could write.

Your first error was only in the second line, so instead of scratching it out, you could just chuck the piece of paper and start over with a fresh one. That’s OK. Surely it’s the only mistake you’ll make in this four page letter.

It’s being sent to your friend Shadrack in California, so thank heavens the Pony Express days are long gone. Heck, this will only take four days to get to the west coast.

The letter is finished, so you need only to read it over, fold it, place it in an envelope, lick the back, lick the proper total in stamps (enough with the lickin). Then get it to the mailbox. It’s only a half mile out to the end of the lane.

Today’s contrast is remarkable. Your letter is written. Press SEND. Seconds later, Shadrack in California is reading it. How many more quantum leaps can the world take before we’re moving faster than we can keep up with it?


One thought on “PONDERINGS

  1. While nostalgic for the old ways, today I enjoy getting your correspondence quickly!

    Shadrack in California


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