Be it noted that on this date television news coverage of a snow storm on the east coast has reached new levels on the wussification scale. Yes, it is a snow storm, not an extraordinary one, but yes a snow storm. In a few locations there might be up to 2 feet of snow.

On the Jersey coast, more like 1 foot or less. Well less inland. Winds could reach 60 MPH. What may be its most noteworthy property, however, is how quickly it will be over.

Be that as it may, the most notable aspect of this storm is really the theatre with which it is reported to the public. For most intents and purposes, this storm is a dreadful apocalypse, every measure of which presages man’s imminent demise. Snowmeggedon! Lights out.

All live reports are centered on one subject… the snow storm. Any other news items that might exist in the world today couldn’t possibly be of equal gravity to this storm. Other places in the world just have to wait.


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