One never knows what your tomorrow has on the schedule, even if there’s been all sorts of indications that a day of reckoning is near.

At Judy’s insistence, we paid a visit yesterday to the Emergency Room in the hospital here in Naples (Florida). For well too long, I had ignored swelling in my lower right leg.

The Ultra-Sound procedure itself didn’t consume much time, but 7 1/2 hours later we exited the hospital in a frazzled state and a blood clot diagnosis. Woe is me for waiting so long, but as you are aware, guys do this sort of thing.

My leg will get better with time and blood-thinning medication and a tongue- lashing or two which I admittedly deserve.

In the meantime, the writer in me will not allow me to ignore something else. A day’s worth of optics and audio in the emergency room provides sufficient material for a stand-up comedian’s field day !

One guy sits there and ushers an unending series of moans and groans , each varied from the next. How he did this, all unintelligible, had to elicit wonderment in the minds of all in the room.

Much of the space is divided by curtains which when drawn, form little “private” squares where doctors talk with new patients about their maladies. These squares give the appearance of privacy, but all that is spoken in whole room can be heard in the whole room. Thus, the poor fellow’s painful undescended testicle is a matter of public record in this whole room and, Lord knows, how far beyond ?

So, how is it that it takes this place 7 1/2 hours to render a blood clot diagnosis ? Is that their standard procedure? Is there anything in that procedure that cries out for a fresh look at their efficiency rating.

Hey, who am I to ponder these questions? I’m only the patient.

3 thoughts on “E.R.

  1. Glad to hear that you got this taken care of in time and are on the mend. On behalf of wives worldwide, please listen to Judy. In addition to being a “guy”, you are also a Pete and in my vast experience of being married to one (my Pete goes by Peter), I find that the name Pete or Peter adds a whole additional layer of stubbornness. And yes, those little cubicles only offer an illusion of privacy. I will share one of my experiences in person one day. Stay well, cousin.


  2. Pete, yo & hello,

    Look, I stand with “she who must be obeyed”! Years ago I learned that the “macho” approach to health and medicine is “b.s.”. Being a farm-type of guy I’m sure you know what that means! A long time ago, I used to have some of those same tendencies as you recently have had, but I have had an epiphany! Now I get regular check-ups and haul my butt in there at the first, smallest sign of trouble. So far, this way of acting has paid off!

    This Covid thing, though, seems bound and determined to go on for a while. I would like to meet you some day and hang out with you while we discuss politics and other non-controversial topics. I want you to be there when I finally show up, so please take very good care of yourself. Otherwise we would miss out on some every interesting conversations (as well as some great “dining out” experiences).

    Your blog seems to indicate that you have “learned your lesson”. Listen to Judy (we should always listen to our wives at all times) and stay well.

    I hope to see you whenever.



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