A discussion ensued this morning over coffee about the nuances of handwriting. Given that most everyone writes with a keyboard anymore, will handwriting devolve to the scrap heap ?

No, we’ll always hand write, right ? It’s not as though we’re all glued to a keyboard 24/7. A world without pens and pencils isn’t very likely, write ? I mean right ?

It seems that a little mystery is attached to handwriting. You and your brother went to the same grade school, but were taught handwriting by a different teacher. Why, then, is your handwriting almost exactly like your brother’s ? The suggestion, I guess, is that handwriting nuances are genetic, right ?

Wait a minute. How likely is that ? Your teacher instructed you on the formulation of each letter, not your grandma. She wasn’t even living when you learned your letters. How did genes get into the mix ?

I’ll go out on a limb here. My Mom got her elementary education at public school in Clinton, N.J. Fast forward 45 years. In my first book, I wrote about the day when she and Dad were out working in the garden . A strange car came down the lane.

Mom didn’t even know that she had a half-sister, but there she walked out into the garden. Long story short, Evelyne was born and raised in Paris.

After years of letter writing, Mom and Evelyne discovered their handwriting to be remarkably the same, indistinguishable between the two. Genes have nothing to do with it, eh ?



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