There is currently a short series of documentaries on TV that chronicle the man’s conflicted life. How did he ever find the time ?

He was an avid outdoorsman, a drinker, a philanderer, a husband four times and an incredibly prolific writer.

I have always looked a little askance at the phenom of higher education in America and the hideous amounts of money that parents are compelled to throw at it. I posit that a decent ROI does not always accompany.

It strikes me that Hemingway was not college educated. How on Earth then did he ever accomplish what he did ? Holy Smokes, he must have educated himself ! Imagine that !

In short order, I too eschewed the college experience. Especially as to writing prowess, the comparison to Hemingway stops there. His ability was was admirable while he toyed with life and made his own way.


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