RESTAURANTS, Mind Your Manners

It’s a detail that often goes unnoticed by restaurants, certainly those here in Hunterdon County. One surmises that it happens wherever.

The two other couples who you are dining with are remarking about how exquisite their meals were. You quite agree . You are a more deliberate eater than the others. You haven’t finished eating yet, but yours is delicious, as well.

Enter here the wait staff to commence clearing the table, at least for those who are obviously done with their dinners . WRONG !

In his book, SETTING THE TABLE, pre-eminent NYC restauranteur , Danny Meyer, makes a specific point regarding this. Surely the House must allow the guest time to waft the rose on his/her table.

So, there you sit, the table cleared for everyone else… but you . That makes you feel a bit uncomfortable with the clamor of dishes and utensils being shuffled . Who needs that while they’re still eating?

Is it more important that your waiter/waitress has a head start on clearing the table for dessert, which you are too full to order anyway ?

Is this just part and parcel of the impetuous approach of Americans ? Is this what Thoreau meant when he wrote that we are determined to be starved before we are hungry ? Does your waiter really not have the time to delay until ALL are finished with their meal ?

Sorry folks. I just needed to vent a little… before I ran out of time !


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