There’s no other word for it. I suppose it’s a little nerdy to even be writing about this. After all, a game that’s been absorbing my time lately is hardly a controlled dangerous substance. It’s a damned game, but I am nonetheless addicted to it.

At dinner last night my friend, Susan, asked me what I was writing lately. I contemplated momentarily, then replied, “Nothing”.

That exchange sort of wrenched me to my new reality. Indeed, the question was legitimate. I do spend much of my time writing, but not lately. I explained that I was currently devoid of a subject about which to write.

Yes, that is true, but I was prompted to further consider. The truth is, I’ve been wholly absorbed lately playing WORDS With Friends with a bunch of folks who are minimally friends ! Excepting my daughter-in-law in California, I don’t know them, where they’re from, what they do etc. For all I know, they could be playing me from their prison cell !

I can hardly put the damned game down ! Harken back to childhood. Remember Scrabble ? WORDS is best described as a modern day version of Scrabble, quite more wieldy, safe to say ; no game board or blocks of wood with inscripted letters that immediately slide out of place at the slightest nudging.

One competes with players from anywhere and everywhere. It’s a sort of Words phantasmagoria occupied by seething minds replete with suspended letters seeking placement in a word that has heretofore been but an apparition.

Some day I’ll start writing in my blog again !


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