WRITER! Sit Watch at your Post.

It occurs to me that it’s been some time that I’ve written in my blog. Surely by this time the huddled masses have missed me . NOT !

It further occurs to me, as a retired publisher and ad guy, how lovely it is not to have any deadlines. Pinch me, if you would ! I came to ponder the other day the fact that, although retired, how writing is still a sweet way to wile away the hours.

While I was wiling I considered just what prompts me to write in the first place. Indeed, it is no longer deadlines. So what is it ? I reached the simple conclusion that writing is entertainment. It is this old man’s answer to video games .

Really! Wouldn’t I rather be writing this than playing COUNTER STRIKE ? Wouldn’t I rather be scribbling away than playing GRAND THEFT AUTO ? Writing is just more me. Dare I say, less violent .

I react to sounds that stir my pen; a flowing brook, ocean waves, coyotes in the night, the distant whinny of a horse or a softly breeze . They all may, at one time or another, subtly suggest to ready the quill. It is held firm in wait, poised to capture the whims of the hour. Nature need only speak.


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