As a movie title, I suppose it was sufficiently titillating. Without further investigation, Judy ordered the DVD . The cast alone should have sounded the alarm.

Remember Fred MacMurray ? (The Absent-Minded Professor. Son of Flubber.) No ? Your movie watching career doesn’t stretch back that far ? How about the TV series My Three Sons ?

I’m just trying to underscore the antiquity of this movie that we settled in to watch last night. MacMurray starred with the hottie of her day, Barbara Stanwyck (Stella Dallas. Meet John Doe.)

It was almost startling to recognize that Remember Last Night is an eighty year old movie ! I should stop now before I date myself . Oh, that’s right . I already have .

If Remember Last Night demonstrated one thing, it would be how far the movie making craft has improved since days past. In terms of writing, acting, credibility of plot, screenplay, the whole nine yards was a vast improvement from eighty years ago.

That said, we were briefly entertained before this flick met with the wrath of the remote button. Remember Last Night became quickly forgettable.

Oh well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Jude’s movie picking credentials , however, did slip a notch !


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